What is KnowU?

KnowU is a Campus Community and Concierge solution.  With KnowU, an institution can walk alongside students, engaging and guiding them, from enrollment to graduation.

At KnowU, we realize that the life of a student can be difficult and complex.  Balancing life’s responsibilities while pursuing an education can often leave students isolated, disconnected and insufficiently supported. In these circumstances, student engagement and student guidance are the most important components of a student's journey to success.    

At KnowU, we are passionate about the student experience, student engagement, and student retention.  Our platform, KnowU, creates a sense of place and community for students through its virtual campus environment.  By seamlessly combining multiple social media networks, delivering a suite of feature-rich support services and providing an online hub for students' classes, KnowU transforms student engagement.  KnowU will propel the online learner to prioritize his or her education, providing the collaborative, guided experience needed to achieve educational objectives.

KnowU began as a proprietary platform developed by Harrison College, a contemporary, career-focused higher education institution based in Indianapolis.  

Today, we are partnering with Cengage Learning to distribute the KnowU platform to higher education.

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